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If you have never been under water, then you've come to the right place! Diving is really worth to try, and you can easily fall in love with this kind of sport. Diving is easy, fun and exciting! You will discover a whole new world and enjoy the blueness. Experience new adventures, explore your opportunities in the water and find new friends!

Diving is much easier than you think! Try out new challenges and jump into a whole new world! This wonderful sport allows you a close encounter with underwater fauna richness with unforgettable experience of diving under water.
Experience the adventure with SSI!

If you decide that diving is a sport where you want to improve yourself, we suggest you to discover advanced educational programs together with SSI - Scuba School International. SSI trainings provides a great opportunity to improve skills, which you have already and learn new ones. Advanced Education is exciting and without limits and it is an opportunity to start or continue to research in the underwater world. Choose a combination that will help you achieve your personal goals.
 Discovery (1 dive)  50 € 375 HRK
 Check dive (1 dive)
 40 € 300 HRK
 Try Scuba (2-Try SCUBA dives, diploma) 140 € 1050 HRK
Scuba Diver (3 dives, OWD kit, Scuba Diver Brevet) 195 € 1460 HRK
Junior OWD (OWD kit, 6 dives, Int. Brevet)  340 €  2550 HRK
Open Water Diver (6 dives, OWD kit, Int. Brevet)  340 € 2550 HRK
Advanced OWD (6 dives, AOWD kit, Int. Brevet) 380 € 2850 HRK
Speciality Diver (2 dives, Speciality kit, brevet) 250 €  1100 HRK
Nitrox Diver (2 dives, Speciality kit, Int. Brevet) 210 €  1550 HRK
 Stress & Rescue (3 dives, SR kit, Int. Brevet)  290 € 2150 HRK
 Divecon (Dive Control Specialist, DCS kit, Int. Brevet) 495 € 3660 HRK