Wreck Hans Schmidt

Wreck Hans Schmidt

Distance from the center: 9 NM

Length: 99 meters

Maximum depth: 43 meters

The minimum depth of 35 meters

This wreck was long called "Istra" because the true name was unknown. It was built in 1920 in the Netherlands under the name the ALBIREO. After being sold to a new owner, Heinrich Schmidt, it was renamed and carries the name of its last owner in Germany.

This cargo ship was ripped and sunk on 23 January 1943, the explosion caused by an underwater mine,while on his last journey it was transporting weapons and ammunition. The wreck lies in right position and it’s steel parts are almoust intact.

The nets enmeshing the wreck may be hazardous to divers, so care should be taken and divers should not attempt to enter the ship. The prow, long about 10 meters is separated from the stern parts. It's evident that it was once a large boat - 60 m long and 11 m wide.

The particular type of anchor, now out of production for over a century, is a real curiosity and gives historical significance to the wreck.

The wreck is under the protection of the Croatian Ministry of culture, so the diving is only possible via local divig centers that have permission from the Ministry of Culture.